Pristine Paint Collision Repair Services in Surrey, BC

Columbia Collision Specializes in Paint Collision Repairs

Columbia Collision Repair operates an 8,500-square-foot body shop in Surrey, British Columbia that houses state-of-the-art equipment capable of meeting all of your paint collision repair needs. Our family-owned shop has provided paint jobs for our customers’ vehicles following auto body repairs, collision repairs, or simple wear and tear for nearly 40 years. With the ability to match your existing color, utilization of advanced processes, and an accelerated drying system, we will ensure that you receive a pristine paint job so you can cruise the streets of Surrey in style.

We Can Match Your Car’s Current Color Exactly

Following your auto body repair, you are likely to need a new paint job for part or all of your vehicle. Columbia Collision Repairs is happy to be your one-stop shop for the entire collision repair process and will gladly restore your paint to its previous shine. We work directly with distributors who have every color in stock so we can expertly provide accurate color matching for your car. We also keep an impressive inventory of paints on hand. Any inconsistency in colors would be a constant reminder of your accident, which is why we make sure that your new paint matches the existing color exactly.

Our Top-Rated Downdraft Spray Booth Ensures Perfect Results

We utilize a downdraft spray booth in our shop in Surrey, British Columbia. This method ensures that the new coat of paint is applied to your car properly and evenly. Your vehicle will go through a professional repainting process from start to finish, with the downdraft spray booth guaranteeing perfect results. We are proud to separate ourselves from the competition by using the highest-rated equipment in the business to provide superior paint protection and finish.

Our Smart Cure Accelerated Drying System Expedites the Process

Our smart cure accelerated drying system will expedite the drying process so you can get back on the road following your paint collision repairs. After its paint job, your car will need to be correctly dried to ensure an even coat capable of providing maximum protection. Our advanced drying system will distribute heat to the surface of your car evenly and significantly reduce its drying time. As an added benefit, this method will result in a clean, sleek look.

Our Advanced Waterborne Curing System Has Maximum Appeal

After having auto body repairs and a complete paint job performed at Columbia Collision Repairs, you can rest assured that your car will look fresh and you will be proud to be seen driving it. In keeping with our commitment to never cutting corners, we use an advanced waterborne curing system to cure the paint on your vehicle. Our detail-oriented approach is a result of our dedication to providing our loyal customers with the best possible service.

Understanding the Costs Associated with a New Paint Job

There is not a set price for repainting a car. Every job will be different and have intricacies based on the make and model, the style of paint, and the scope of the work. Long gone are the days of a one-price-fits-all paint job. But among the benefits of receiving a paint job from Columbia Collision Repairs is the peace of mind that you are receiving a paint collision repair in Surrey, BC that is designed to last for the life of your vehicle. We will typically only repaint the panels of your car that have been damaged or need auto body repairs. However, with our paint matching expertise, we will guarantee that this is done flawlessly so that there is no evidence of any collision repair work. We do not usually repaint vehicles whose paint has failed due to old age because it is not a cost-efficient measure to take.

Our Staff Will Provide Superior Customer Service

At Columbia Collision Repairs, you will not deal with the headaches and hassles typically associated with auto body repairs and new paint jobs. Our expert technicians will ensure you understand the process and how we will perform your paint collision repair. Our team has decades’ worth of experience and can guarantee that your paint job will be free from defects in craftsmanship and materials for as long as you own your vehicle.

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We are proud to specialize in paint collision repairs for Surrey, BC residents and beyond. With an 8,500-square-foot facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and a dedicated staff that will complete your paint job with care and precision, Columbia Collision Repairs is happy to be your preferred choice for paint collision repairs. Visit our office for an estimate today!

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