The Most Common Cosmetic Repairs an Auto Body Repair Technician Will Perform

Auto Body Technicians Can Repair Dents

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Throughout the life of a vehicle, there will invariably be times where a little cosmetic work will be needed, whether from a fender bender or a loose piece of gravel airborne on the highway. When the inevitable happens, and you are in need of cosmetic automotive repair, choose Columbia Collision Repairs. Our auto body repair technicians are surgeons of your vehicle’s exterior and can erase the scars and blemishes that life can bring to any car. From the smallest chip in the paint to more noticeable dents and scratches, our technicians employ an array of tools and techniques to restore the vehicle’s surface to its pristine state. The most common cosmetic repairs we perform include precision paintless dent removal, scratch buffing, windshield chip repair, tire damage repair, rear end work, and frame alignment. Today we will look into each of these repairs more closely to see exactly what will happen when you bring your car to us for improvements. By learning about the techniques and tools we use, you will be able to understand each process and be confident that when you entrust Columbia Collision Repairs with your repair project, you will get the best results possible.

  1. Dent Repair: Dents can vary in size and depth, from small door dings to larger indentations. Technicians employ various methods for dent repair, depending on the extent of the damage. The most popular method is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), which involves using specialized tools to gently push the dented metal back into place from behind the panel, preserving the original paint. For larger or more complex dents, filling and repainting might be necessary. For this process, our technician uses body filler to smooth out the damaged area before repainting it to match the original color.
  2. Scratch Buffing: When dealing with scratches, technicians first assess the depth. Superficial scratches that only affect the clear coat can be easily buffed out using a rubbing compound and a high-speed buffer, restoring the paint’s original shine. Deeper scratches that reach the paint or primer layer require more attention. These are typically sanded down, filled with a matching paint, and then finished with a clear coat to protect the repair and ensure a seamless match with the surrounding area.
  3. Windshield Repairs: For minor windshield cracks and chips, technicians use a clear, curable resin. This resin is injected into the damaged area and then cured under a UV light, bonding the glass and restoring its strength and clarity. This process prevents the damage from spreading, while maintaining the windshield’s structural integrity. This helps protect the windshield’s safety feature of supporting the vehicle’s roof in case of a rollover accident.
  4. Tire Damage: Tire repairs involve addressing issues like punctures or cuts. For punctures, technicians use a patch or plug to seal the tire from the inside, maintaining its air pressure and structural integrity. However, more severe damage like large cuts or sidewall damage often necessitates tire replacement, as these areas cannot be safely repaired.
  5. Rear-End Collision Repairs: Repairing damage from rear-end collisions can be complex, involving both cosmetic and structural work. First, our technicians will assess and repair the rear bumper, trunk lid, and rear lights. Next, we will check the alignment of the trunk and rear doors to ensure they open and close properly. In more severe cases, repairs might include straightening or replacing parts of the car’s frame or rear suspension components to restore proper alignment and vehicle handling.
  6. Frame Alignment and Repair: This involves correcting any misalignments or deformities in the vehicle’s frame, which is important for maintaining the vehicle’s safety, handling, and stability. Our technicians will use a frame machine to apply pressure and reposition the frame back to its original specifications. This process often requires precise measurements and adjustments to ensure the frame is perfectly aligned, as even a small misalignment can affect the vehicle’s performance and safety.

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